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How do your values manifest themselves in your behavior?

I always add a pinch of humor in the downtimes. I really think work shouldn’t be a pain and we should keep having fun even in the darkest moments. This doesn’t prevent us from being performant, committed and serious.

I’m straightforward during conversations. When it gets too chit chatty I try to reframe to the topic. 

I let other people speak. I don’t interrupt people or as less as possible. Listening to understand what’s at stake is super important.

I never let a friend in need. Never.

Are you more introverted/extroverted and are any behaviors related to this (e.g. you prefer to think tasks through on your own or you prefer big open discussions in groups)

Extroverted, for sure. Nevertheless, it doesn’t translate to my working style that obviously. For example, I prospect ideas and opinions, to make sure we’re all on the same page, but we should come up with a decision very quick and this shouldn’t last too long. Once done, there should be only one individual contributor who executes it and no interference of other co-workers, otherwise it’s not productive. 

I prefer to keep meetings only in the afternoon and work alone in the morning where I’m more efficient. This is when the company is running. During the early time of the company, there’s not really a schedule, we go with the flow, get meetings when I can etc.

What motivates you about work? How can someone else motivate you?

Creativity and productivity. I like when we get to think about a topic out of the box and find other perspectives to tackle a subject. Productivity is about getting something out in the world. It doesn’t have to be a concrete product or an object. A simple feature made in 1 week that is used by people also makes my day.

How do you see the world? Is it black & white for you, shades of grey?

Weird question. I don’t have enough of a paragraph to explain “how I see the world” and even with a 1000 pages document I would just share personal impressions and that wouldn’t be fixed. That being said, I don’t like people who have a strict vision of the world. People who say “I see the world like this” are often a redflag to me, I would tend to think they’re narrow minded and not flexible enough.

Are you more the conceptual thinker, analytic or creative? OR all of them? 

Perhaps the first two, less the last one. I’m definitely a conceptual thinker and I like to challenge things to understand exactly the problem we’re trying to resolve. I’m also very analytic and know how to work with data and get concrete figures to get to a conclusion. I’m perhaps less creative when it gets to make something out of it. Nevertheless, I’m a good executant of a vision and able to tweak and adapt it by doing.

What might be something that is unique about your work style that you would like other people to know about?

I learnt from my mistakes and now I avoid working on things I’m sure bring values. So I would challenge more beforehand in a group, take common decisions, stick to it and go. If we don’t have enough answers yet to take a decision, I’m more a fan of a quick and dirty MVP (even for a sub project), see if it works and get feedback, then build the long term stuff. Iteration is key.

Key values






How we should collaborate

How can others support you in living your values?

What does “living my values” mean anyway?

How does living your two key values shape the way you give and receive feedback?

Give feedback: 

Receive feedback: I would expect just the same framework? I really value honesty and I’m always happy to receive feedback.

What makes you feel insecure when working with others? 

Silence makes me “insecure”. I prefer receiving feedback instead of projecting an opinion of myself which might not be true. 

Which environment enables you to deliver your best work and be yourself?

A “funny” and social environment is important to me. I’m a lot more productive when I feel relaxed and having a good time with my co-workers.

Are there behaviors or situations that are not good for you?

When it gets too tensed an no-one speaks up. When there’s not a final decision maker. 

What kind of work or behaviors triggers negative emotions for you?

When it gets too political and not productive.

What motivates you to improve?

Feedback I receive.

How should we tackle problems together?

First, think about the problem each of us apart, not for long. Then gather and brainstorm, and accept the other one’s opinion and ideas, under the framework “strong opinion / strong suggestion / light suggestion” depending on how important it is to the person. Then take a common decision and go to execution mode, with a repartition of tasks. Then gather again, and iterate with the same framework.